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Operating any business is hard, but operating a small trucking fleet is especially tough these days!

 The hundreds of pages of DOT regulations seem to change monthly

The fines for violating those FMCSA regulations are rising

Finding and keeping qualified and safe drivers is getting harder

 All drivers are more distracted than ever 

Truck insurance premiums are climbing

Personal injury attorneys are circling like starving vultures


With the deck stacked this high against you so much, you need every advantage that you can get!

Let Us Be Your Ace In The Hole!

Your Free Membership Includes:

Daily Compliance Tips

Each workday, you'll receive a tip in your inbox that will help you comply with the FMCSA regulations.

Weekly Safety Newsletter

Each workday, you'll receive a tip in your inbox that will help you comply with the FMCSA regulations.

Monthly Safety Webinars

Holding regular safety meetings with your drivers is next to impossible! Use our Safety Town Hall webinars to help keep everyone up to speed!

Templates and Articles Library

You'll receive complete access to our library of over 780 truck safety and compliance related articles, blog posts, videos, webinars and downloadable policy and form templates.

Private LinkedIn Group

Take part in deep conversations that matter in our private LinkedIn group. This members only forum gives you a chance to ask questions that you have to all other members.

Join The My Safety Manager Program Today
50% Complete

Join The My Safety Manager Program Now!

Go "All In" by Upgrading to My Safety Manager Premium!

In addition to all of the benefits that all members enjoy, upgrade to our Premium Membership level and watch us fully optimize your program!

  • Drug and Alcohol Program

    We will manage your drug and alcohol testing program from beginning to end.

    This includes:

    Random Pool Management

    Collection Scheduling Help

    Testing at SAMHSA Approved Labs

    MRO Approval of Positive and Negative Results

    Costs of All Random, Post Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Driver Qualification File Management

    DOT regulations require that you maintain an accurate and current Driver Qualification File for every driver who operates your vehicles.

    This includes around 15 pieces of information for each operator!

    We will maintain electronic DQFs for each of your drivers and notify you by email when important dates (like CDL or Med Certificate expiration) are approaching.

    Will help you manage your vehicle maintenance files too!

  • CSA Score Management

    Your CSA scores have a dramatic impact on your chances of being inspected and your insurance costs.

    Your virtual Fleet Safety Specialist will craft and help you execute a customized CSA score management plan.

  • MVR Management and Monitoring

    We will order each driver’s MVR annually and help them complete the annual certification process.

    We monitor each driver’s MVR on an ongoing basis and will notify you of any changes to their license status or driving record.

  • Safety Policies and Procedures

    Each client receives a comprehensive set of customized fleet safety policies and procedures.

    Need to make changes? No problem. We will give you the source files as well!

  • Hours of Service Assistance

    The FMCSA Hours of Service regulations are some of the most confusing for drivers.

    We help by providing: ongoing training, thorough log book auditing and a comprehensive ELD implementation program.

All of these great features for only $49     monthly per driver!

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Upgrade To Premium Membership!

Follow Our Proven Step-By-Step System

Since starting Carrier Risk Solutions, Inc. in 2015, we've helped over 3,300 motor carriers improve their fleet safety and compliance programs!

Our mission is to reduce the burden of FMCSA compliance for the fleet owners of small trucking companies so that they can focus on growing their business and keeping America moving forward!

Hundreds Of Customer Success Stories

"...It's like having an in-house safety manager sitting in the office next to mine".

Charlene H. , Office Manager at a Small Trucking Firm

"I'm proud of what Sam and his team have put together...every carrier needs something like this whether they know it or not..."

Mike H. , Fleet Owner, Running 7 units

"The monthly price is worth the cost of the drug testing program by itself...everything else is a bonus!" "I switched from a company that was sponsored by (a large trucking association) earlier this year. The value is great and the service is way better".

Jimmy A. , Owner-Operator

"This is just what I've been looking for to refer my clients to! I'm glad that you're helping those who need it most."

Ginny K., Truck Insurance Agency Owner

Discover The Simple System For Improving Your Fleet Safety and Compliance Management Programs...

Join The My Safety Manager Program Today
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Join The My Safety Manager Program Now!

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