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"On belhalf of all TSPAA Members across the country: Welcome! We're glad that you're here. We are all passionate fleet safety and risk management professionals who have joined together to help one another improve compliance with DOT regulations, reduce the costs for our companies and to make America's roads safer! Please consider joining our community today!"

Our Core Principles

  • Education

    We believe in the continuously improving our knowledge of DOT regulations and fleet safety practices in order to better protect our companies and clients.

  • Advocacy

    We will always strive to promote safer roadways through smart and effective regulations. Our collective voice will be heard by both Federal and State regulators.

  • Partnership

    We will always partner with other groups and associations in order to further promote the fleet safety cause.

  • Community

    Every professional association is only as strong as its network of members. We will focus our combined efforts on helping other members to grow and develop in their own careers and lives.

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