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I Just had a client learn the hard way about understanding the language of the contract that they agreed to.
They haul goods that require a prescription..which falls under the purview of the FDA. It wasn’t actually drugs, but something used in hospitals (just as a note to be fully aware of what you are hauling).
After turning a truck over, they have been told to have that load shipped to a specific place in order for it to be disposed of according to FDA regulations and Federal Law.
This is perfectly legitimate as disposal in this manner is typical and should be assumed. The contracts typically state that the shipper has the ultimate say in disposition and salvage on loads like this.
Pharmaceuticals and other high hazard commodities like food products, construction equipment and building materials have similar disposition and salvage profiles…which leads to higher costs!
It’s on the trucking company and your insurance agent to ensure that you have adequate limits for debris removal, towing, storage and expenses related to disposition.
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