Answers to Some Common Questions:

What do all of those letters after your name mean?

Those are all insurance professional designations. It all really means that I'm a huge insurance and risk management geek!

CPCU is the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter. It's 8 separate exams. That one took about 2.5 years to earn. I was moving pretty fast at that pace. I only know of a few others that have completed it more quickly. This one is the Mack daddy of them all. It's almost like a graduate degree in fact many universities do use it as the main part of their graduate insurance programs. More info can be found at CPCU Information.
CIC is the Certified Insurance Counselor. That one was 5 exams after 20 hours of classroom study for each segment. Where the CPCU goes a mile wide and an inch deep, the CIC goes an inch wide and a mile deep on commercial insurance topics. This includes training on Commercial Property Coverage, Commercial Liability Coverage, Agency Management, Life and Health Insurance and Personal Lines Insurance. More information can be found at National Alliance for Insurance Education.
CRM is the Certified Risk Manager. This one is similar to the CIC in format. There are 20 hours of classroom instruction followed by an exam 5 times over. This one is totally dedicated to the Risk Management Process (Introduction to Risk Management, The Practice of Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Risk Control and Financing of Risk). More info can be found here: CRM Program.
TRS is the Transportation Risk Specialist. That one is dedicated to trucking insurance. It's 3 separate classroom courses that cover liability and property insurance concepts as well as some risk management topics solely related to the transportation industry. More information can be found at Transportation Risk
The following designations are all sponsored by the Institutes.
AU is the Associate in Commercial Underwriting. 2 separate courses and exams on underwriting commercial property and commercial liability insurance.
ARM is the Associate in Risk Management. 3 courses and exams on Risk Financing, Risk Control and Commercial Insurance.
AMIM is the Associate in Marine Insurance Management. This one is 2 courses and exams, covering Inland Marine and Ocean Marine insurance. (Cargo insurance is a large focus of both courses).
API is the Associate in Personal Insurance. This one is 3 courses and exams on personal lines insurance.
AIS is the Associate In Insurance Services. One course and exam on delivering great customer service to insurance agents.
AINS is the Associate in General Insurance. 3 courses and exams on general insurance topics.

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