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These days, video technology is everywhere from the sly (in drones) to the palm of your hand. While having videos in trucks to monitor driving isn’t new, we have found that this is one of the most effective ways to reduce crash risk. To be effective, the cameras don’t even have to record inside of the cab (which is one of the most common objections).
With advances in technology, the newest systems are able to “see” hazards that may not even be apparent to the driver and some have the ability to recognize a driver’s facial features to analyze if they appear to be drowsy.
Some drivers would see this as a HUGE intrusion into their life while others can see the true value of the technology in preventing accidents (and possibly even saving their lives!).
Even in the basic front and cab facing systems on the market today, most systems don’t record the driver for more than a few seconds each day…so no worries about “Big Brother” seeing them in their unmentionables.
These are worth checking out, have a huge impact on your driver’s safety behaviors and they could potentially help save you over $1,000,000 if one prevents your company from being found at fault in a lawsuit. Some insurance carriers will even provide you with a discount for installing them, which could help offset the costs of installation and operation.
Like it or not, this technology (and many others like it) are here to stay and only becoming more widespread and advanced. If you haven’t considered these before, you should consider them now. If you’ve been on the fence, perhaps now is the time to make the jump!
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