Drug & Alcohol Program Information

Find our more about how our program works as well as learn more about our testing partner, Alere Toxicology.

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    Getting Started

    To begin, we will send you a welcome package that consists of: A hard copy of your Certificate of Enrollment Your driver's cab cards Our initial suggestion for your local testing clinic  

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    Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

    Once we have sent you the basic program information, we will ask that you submit a copy of your current Drug and Alcohol/EAP policy. If you don't have one, don't worry. We have a customizable policy that you are free to use!   We will then audit your current policy and provide our recommendations or simply send you a copy of your new customized policy.

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    Account Set-up

    While our team is working to get your account set up, we would need you to go ahead and send over copies of your current drug and alcohol file for each driver. You can mail these to us, fax them over, send them via email or upload them to our shared Dropbox folder. We will audit each file and let you know if anything is missing.   If you are a new operation, we will create a new electronic drug and alcohol file for each driver and store it on our system. You will have access to your files 24/7 by accessing the "Your Account" section on the portal.

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    Random Program Creation

    Once we have your Drug and Alcohol files, we will include your drivers into our random selection program.   We use statistically valid random selection methods as prescribed by the FMCSA guidelines.   If you or your driver is selected to undergo random drug or alcohol testing, we will notify you via email and phone. You or they will then take a pre-printed Chain of Custody form to your assigned testing clinic and complete the collection process. Once the results are analyzed by our MRO, we will forward the results to the Designated Employer Representative (DER) listed for your account.

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    Ongoing Program Management

    In addition to managing your random testing program, we also provide you with full time ongoing management support. Use our portal 24/7 to: Order any pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty or follow up drug or alcohol test. Access to all of your records, view testing results and see statistical reporting information. Request assistance in preparing for a DOT audit  

Policy Development

We can audit your current policy or you can simply use ours.

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Medical Review Officer

Dr. Kim Lykins serves as our MRO. Click below to view her AAMRO certification status.

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Lab Partner Info

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