CVSA Roadcheck Domination!

Today kicks off the annual 72 hour CVSA Roadcheck blitz where over 10,000 Federal and State commercial vehicle inspectors will conduct an estimated 75,000 Level 1 truck inspections across North America. Is your fleet ready?

The time for preparation has come and gone.

Now, it’s time for action!

Follow these 3 steps to reduce the likelihood of your trucks being inspected and improving the outcome if they are.


CVSA Roadcheck Domination! Step 1

Get The Target Off Of Your Back

This may seem pretty simple, but help your Commercial Vehicle Operators (CVOs) avoid becoming a target for inspection by reminding them that obeying all traffic safety laws is extremely important.

While this is always true, a speeding truck is just begging to be targeted over the next few days.


CVSA roadcheck


In addition to a nice fine for the speeding violation, it’s the perfect opportunity for an officer to go ahead and get another Level 1 completed!

If your CVO does find blue lights behind them or if they are pulled in at an inspection station, remind them that a positive and polite attitude will make the situation more bearable for everyone.

On top of that, ensure that they do a little “spring cleaning” on the inside and outside of the rig.

Sloppiness in the rig can point to sloppiness on the log books and in other areas of compliance and safety management!

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CVSA Roadcheck Domination! Step 2

Do A Vehicle Maintenance Double Check

In case you missed one of the 150 or so times that it’s been mentioned over the last 60 days, tires are going to be the focus of the inspectors this year.

So, double check each tire for proper inflation, tread depth and inspect the wheels and lug nuts for signs of wear or failure.


CVSA roadcheck crappy tires


On top of that, double check each light and ensure that the braking system on each unit is fully operational and within compliance standards.

BLTs aren’t just tasty sandwiches, they are the most common types of vehicle related violations received!

In this case, of course, we’re talking about brakes, lighting and tires…none of which are tasty (at least that’s what I hear).

Double check to make sure that your annual vehicle inspections are current and that pre-trip inspections are completed and documented appropriately.

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CVSA Roadcheck Domination! Step 3

3 Words: Hours Of Service.

As if it wasn’t important enough to keep accurate HOS logs to begin with, it’s especially important that your CVOs pay special attention to their books over the next couple of days.


CVSA roadcheck log


Remember, the target inspection is a Level 1 inspection!

(This is the functional equivalent of a prostate exam of your CVO’s operational ability)

Everything will be reviewed…everything!

Avoid costly penalties and CSA BASIC points by ensuring that all CVOs have their books in good order, are compliant with ALL hours of service regulations and that they have their log books neatly organized and readily accessible along with their other shipping and business documents.

A nice binder with clear top loading pockets will work wonders here!


CVSA roadcheck folder


A Final note:

The annual roadcheck shouldn’t really cause you that much concern if you are generally focusing on improving your DOT compliance and fleet safety.

This should just be another week at the office for your CVOs.

It’s a great opportunity for you and your CVOs to showcase your company’s commitment to fleet safety and your hard work in maintaining your fleet of vehicles.

Everything is interconnected these days!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you received a notice of compliance review in the next month or so if more than a few of your units receive violations in the next couple of days.

Sam Tucker is the CEO of Carrier Risk Solutions, Inc. Many motor carriers struggle with DOT compliance and fleet safety! We help you crush your competitors and reduce costly penalties by providing you with a better way to manage these key areas.

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