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Failure to implement effective DOT compliance and fleet safety programs leads many motor carriers to have high CSA BASIC scores and more frequent accidents.

Faced with more stringent underwriting guidelines and data driven pricing models, truck insurance underwriters aren't willing to keep touching the stove eye!

They know that they are going to get burned!


How will you protect your client and your book of business?

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You know that the email is coming...


Hi Jim,

I hope that you are doing well today.

I was writing to let you know that I just completed my renewal review of Basic Trucking, Inc.

As you know, they have two CSA BASIC scores in alert range and we aren't profitable on the account due to the three losses that the insured incurred this year.

Management is pushing for non-renewal, but I value our relationship and I want to do everything that I can to save the account.

Please let me know what the insured is planning on doing to lower their BASIC scores and improve their loss exposure.

Once I have that info, we can make a better decision on how to proceed.



Finally, you have a solution!

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Here's How It Works:

SMS/CSA Review & Analysis


Each report provides an excellent view of the carrier's historical and current DOT compliance levels.

We study each CSA BASIC category to:

  • Identify compliance challenges
  • Understand possible trends
  • Predict future concern areas

Driver Pool Review & Analysis

Understanding the quality of the motor carrier's driver pool is critical!

We review each driver's 36 month MVR to analyze:

  • Their years of CDL experience
  • Violation and Crash History
  • Current License or Permit Status

Loss History Review & Analysis


We'll review the carrier's insurance loss history in order to understand how effective the company's fleet safety and loss prevention programs are.

We will:

  • Search for trends in the data
  • Compare the information to the Federal and State reportable crash database
  • Analyze the types of losses that occurred

Improvement Suggestions Offered

Once we've analyzed their operations, our compliance and risk managment experts generate customized improvement suggestions for each motor carrier.

Implementation & Monitoring

Now that we've developed a roadmap, it's time for action!

We can help the motor carrier implement our plan in a number of ways, but the most popular is by using our safety management platform, My Safety Manager

Regardless of how our plan is implemented, we can provide you and your client with monthly CSA score monitoring and Quarterly improvement progress reports!

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View A Sample Report

You have nothing to lose!

If our Carrier Safety Survey doesn't provide a 10 X value, simply keep the report with our compliments and we'll send all of your money back to you!

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By ordering our survey, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and limitation of liability.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying

I have had the opportunity and pleasure of doing business with Sam for over 10 years.  Sam is excellent individual with tremendous expertise and knowledge in his field.  He is problem solver and goes the extra mile with his creativity and abilities to meet the needs of his clients.  He is a true professional in every sense and a credit to the field of transportation.

Reese Smith, TRS
Reese Smith, TRS B,B and T Insurance Services

Sam is one of the most technical underwriters that I have had the opportunity to do business with. He understands the needs of my clients and does his best to help fill those needs. Sam is quick to respond to questions, he is easy to work with and is a true professional.

Teddy Gillen, CIC
Teddy Gillen, CIC Southern Protective Group

Sam is by far one of the most creative, talented underwriters I've ever worked with. He's able to think outside the box while still managing to be highly analytical. If I owned an insurance company, Sam Tucker would be the first employee I'd hire. Any organization would be lucky to have him.

Jason Barrett, CPCU, ARM
Jason Barrett, CPCU, ARM American International Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my report?

Depending on your selections, your customized report will typically be delivered between 24-48 hours after we receive all needed information.

What if we like the recommendations made, but need some help implementing them?

Great! We're glad that you like our suggestions! We're a full service DOT compliance and fleet safety management company. We're happy to help you implement them or to assist you with finding someone who can. Just give us a call at 855-211-5550 or email us at

Can this report be used by a motor carrier as part of their US DOT Cooperative Safety Plan?

Absolutely! Our reports have been used this way many times. Please let us know if this is your report's intended use and we'll better tailor the report to fit that specific need.

Will the report include the motor carrier's BASIC scores? 

Yes and No. Yes, all of our reports include the absolute BASIC measures for a motor carrier. We do not request access to a motor carrier's complete SMS profile as an authorized viewer of their account. Our reports don't give our clients the relative BASIC scores that many were accustomed to seeing prior to the implementation of the FAST Act in December 2015.

Consistent with the FMCSA's proposed Safety Fitness Determination regulation changes, we feel that comparing a motor carrier with their past safety behaviors and loss experience is much more beneficial than focusing on how the carrier compares to their Safety Event Group "peers".


And If this report doesn't work, then we can get our money back? 

Absolutely! We're in business to help you. If we fail to do that, then we don't deserve your hard earned money.

Go ahead and give us a try! You have nothing to lose!

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By ordering our survey, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and limitation of liability.