Breaking News: CVSA RoadCheck 2017

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck will take place on June 6-8.

CVSA roadcheck 2017


Over the 72-hour period, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in the US, Mexico and Canada will conduct about 73,000 truck or bus inspections. On average, around 17 inspections per minute will be completed during the safety blitz.

Each year, law enforcement focuses on a different category of violations.

This year’s focus is Cargo Securement.

CVSA Roadcheck 2017 load securement

Per the CVSA: While checking for compliance with safe cargo securement regulations is always part of roadside inspections, CVSA is highlighting cargo securement safety this year as a reminder of its importance to highway safety.


Each year, a lack of cargo securement or an issue with shifting loads causes about 7 to 10% of all large truck or bus crashes.


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Here are areas that the CVSA will be focusing on:

  • Make sure you are carrying a safe load.
  • Check tail board security.
  • Verify end gates are secured in stake pockets.
  • Check both sides of the trailer to ensure cargo is protected from shifting or falling.
  • Verify that rear doors are securely closed.
  • Where load is visible, check for proper blocking and bracing.
  • It may be necessary to examine inside of trailer to assure that large objects are properly secured.
  • Check cargo securement devices for proper number, size and condition.
  • Check tie down anchor points for deformation and cracking.


CVSA roadcheck 2017


Almost all inspections conducted during this time will be full “Level 1 Inspections” These are intensive 37-step inspections of both the driver and the vehicle and each last about 1 hour.



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